My First Data Science Project

Understanding My Community Better

Grade 9
Created by teacher Hesam Samimi (Sam)

In this all hands-on project course designed for grades 7-9, students get their first experience of data science by playing the role of a professional data scientist. The course starts off with a couple of hands-on spreadsheet table assignments to get students equipped with basic skills on working with data, using Google Sheets (or Excel). We then jump right into the independent data science student project--My First Data Science Project: Understanding My Community Better--in which the students aim to study how their chosen local community compares to everyone else, with respect to a chosen topic. They will do the work involved in every stage of data science: problem statement and research, setting up online surveys, raw data collection, data organization and cleaning, data analysis using formulas and charts, and finally identifying and presenting results.

NOTE: This curriculum includes instruction video for all lessons, which you could directly show your students for instruction, or use for your own reference as an instruction guide!