Discrete Math & Its Real-World Applications

Learn the Math of Computers & Technology - For High School

Grade 9
Created by teacher Hesam Samimi (Sam)

This course is great for teachers who want to add a different kind of math to the curriculum, as well as offer a course that motivates students and inspires them towards their career goals by learning about real-world applications of the subject they're learning.

Discrete Mathematics can sometimes be referred to as "the math they don't teach you in school!" It's not algebra, or calculus, or geometry....

Discrete Math covers many mathematical theories which are the foundation for many technical fields in systems, engineering, computer science, business, economics, sciences, general problem solving, critical thinking, and so on.

Sadly, despite its application in higher education and many careers and fields, Discrete Mathematics is seldom taught in high schools in many countries, for the unfortunate reason that it is not covered in the SAT/other college entrance examinations.

Learning about topics in Discrete Mathematics can help middle & high school students in the following ways:

  • Find inspiration about future technology and other career interests by encountering new topics from a different kind of applied math
  • Prepare their minds for future technical knowledge they will encounter in college or many careers in systems, engineering, computer science, business, and economics
  • Improve upon their critical thinking and problem solving skills

In this series of lessons, high school and middle school students get an accessible, hands-on overview to several topics in Discrete Math with a highlighting and focus on the practical applications of a branch of Discrete Math in the real world, We won't go too deep in each subject, but students will get a nice overview of several important subjects in Discrete Math and understand their application to the real world. Each class includes several hands-on exercises, which can be given as homework, or in-class assignments. 

Topics covered in this course include: 

  • From Propositional Logic: Logical Operations, Truth Tables, Simplifying Propositions
  • From Graphs: Data Representation, Shortest Path Algorithm
  • From Counting: Combinations, Permutations, Probability
  • From Sets: Venn Diagrams, Set Operations, Set Propositional and First-Order Logic
  • From Number Theory: Coprimes, Remainder Classes, RSA Public-Key Encryption Algorithm
  • State Machines
  • From Proofs: Direct Proof, Proof by Contrapositive, Proof by Cases

NOTE: This curriculum includes instruction video for all lessons, which you could directly show your students for instruction, or use for your own reference as an instruction guide!

* I have used "Discrete Mathematics: An Open Introduction" by Oscar Levin, a great free online textbook, as an inspiration to create this course.